Look Whose Talking

Shika Hookah is Looking Forward to Seeing You at the Expo

The Shika Team is very excited to participate in the first US based Hookah Expo. This is a great initiative and milestone in the Hookah community history and culture here. The Expo is a significant effort aimed to unite the community in a fun and Carnival-like atmosphere connecting manufacturers with customers and more important customers with customers.

The hookah community core values are based on friendship and brotherhood which is always reflected by these kind of events.

The expo is tailored and designed to entertain and serve the end customer with best deals directly while exchanging ideas in a fun setting and atmosphere.

Participating vendors have big plans for the community as part of this event and the flood of international vendors participating is a clear indication of the potential for this show.

This show will redefine the meaning of Hookah Expo and we promise you that participating vendors are going above and beyond to make this one of the best hookah related experiences for our community. This is our Hookah Woodstock 2017!