A Trade and Consumer International Hookah Event.
Meet in Las Vegas!

 Two Days of Buying, Selling, Competitions, Parties & Fun!

Experience & Sample Products From All Over the World!

Hookah Smoking • DJ • Bar • Lite Refreshments

CLICK HERE to Book Your Rooms at the WestGate Resort & Casino at Our Special Rate!

All Room Reservations in the Hookah Expo Block are $99 & Include the Resort Fee!

Don’t Miss the Opening Night Pool Party at WestGate Resort & Casino

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Countdown to Hookah Expo Worldwide

Exhibitor Information

Don’t miss out on exhibiting your products and services at Hookah Expo Worldwide. This is an event that will draw thousands of Hookah users to Las Vegas at the Cashman Center. Reserve your booth space now to be part of the Premiere Consumer Event for the Hookah Industry.

Call 203-483-5774 to Reserve your booth Now!

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Attendee Information

Hookah Expo Worldwide

Do you Hookah? If you enjoy hookah and want to learn more about what is new in the industry, this is an event you cannot miss. For 2 full days you will be at the epicenter of all things hookah. See new products, get the latest hookah news, and enjoy the company of thousands of people who enjoy hookah as much as you. Take advantage of show specials being offered by many of the exhibitors. CLICK HERE To Register NOW!

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Special Events

During Hookah Expo Worldwide you can participate in events specially designed for the hookah community.

Don’t Miss the 1st Annual Hookah Battle USA Cup! Learn More HERE.

Don’t Miss the Opening Night Reception and Pool Party! Learn More HERE.

Alchemist Hookah Expo Pre-Party

Don’t Miss the Alchemist Blend Hookah Expo Worldwide Pre-Party on Friday, July 7th, 2017

Join the Tasting Party for Alchemist Blend’s Kentucky Fire Cured from 7:00 pm – 1:00 am at Starbuzz Vegas Hookah Lounge at 384 E Tropicana Ave in Las Vegas.

Get together with old friends and meet new ones. The best way to get ready for Hookah Expo Worldwide is to Pre-Party with Alchemist Blend sampling their new Kentucky Fire Cured!

The first 100 People to Register On-Line, Get in FREE.
Go to www.alchemisttobacco.com/pages/event to Register.

Hookah Expo Facebook Posts

15 hours ago

John Naddour

www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW3eFQoYskkSince we made a video for the full event at Hookah Expo Worldwide, (which you can see here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp_-cH4w3Ms ) I realized we forgo... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

Comment on Facebook

Christian Agosti damn bro can I get one of them project black bowls from one nawras bro to another?!?! Lol

This was so much fun... and thanks again for the coals..

1 week ago

John Naddour

We are planning HEW2018 right now, however, we want some feedback. Would you prefer to have it in Las Vegas, or Southern California?
Las Vegas is..well, Las Vegas, it's an all in one trip, there is so much more to do while you are there.
California is beautiful and a great tourist destination, plus many hookah smokers are from California. The cons of CA are trying to find a venue that will allow smoking and it's 21 and over. With that said, CA is still a great destination, with so much to do.
Where would you prefer?
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Vegas was awesome but I don't think I would go back soon. Would definitely go to California

"I wanna be where the people are..." Either location is great 🙂

Why not have it in Vegas every other year?

But i will be 20 what I do in California?

Vegas is 24/7. Cali isn't. Way more things to do in Vegas.

Vegas, absolutely.

Even though I picked Las Vegas, I would rather CA But since CA is 21+ this Las Vegas would be a bigger success

Vegas. I think would be much more inclusive.

It don't matter were it's at I will be there #Igowerehookahjohngoes

Vegas, cali traffic will kill us and well 21+ plus theres not much too see here just alot pf hookah spots we can throw an event there but nothing expo

Vegas in the fall would be awesome!

Ontario Convention Center!

Yea Vegas but maybe not mid July 😂😂 maybe march/April or sept/oct

Agree with vegas but not in the summer 😂😂

Vegas! but I'm a teacher and can't go unless it's summer... pack shorts people!!

Could you maybe do a westcoast and an eastcoast show?

My friends and I are under 21, please do it at VEGAS! 😂😣 and VEGAS is super awesome!!

Las vegas

should aim for april/may or september/october/November to get not 100 degree temps.

After watching the HJ video, I felt like an idiot not going!!

Vegas is the logical choice.. People get their money's worth more in Vegas as there is more to do before and after the expo..

California is close enough to Las Vegas that most people are willing to make the drive or flight over to attend. I don't think it's worth changing locations considering the hassle you will run into with California regulations. Plus, the Las Vegas environment alone draws a crowd

I am from Northern California. If it is in Las Vegas, just make it during the non-peak season so that the airfare are not too expensive and on demand.

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1 week ago

Rafaela Caroline Gomes

Zomo USA
What's the mistery behind the Forbidden Fruit? Get to know NOW!
Enjoy and share, comment and interact with us!
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Zomo USA

1 week ago

Daniel Partridge

www.facebook.com/groups/hookahjohnscircleoffriends/permalink/1876336365965687/ ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Pierre Subeh

🚨Hookah Battle After-Movie 🚨 The official After-Movie is finally here and it looks amazing 😍 If you see someone you know, please tag them!! Watch the full video here: goo.gl/LbdxEx

Special thanks to Stanislav Medkov for the opportunity.
... See MoreSee Less

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cool video man was there as well had an awesome time

Thanks, man! Great shot of me and all of the different hookahs.

Yo meundies are the best underwear ever! So damn comfy on the ball sack

That comment may seem random but it appears the video showed up as an ad for meundies so i was thrown off... still the best underwear of all time

Sucks that you didnt get a video of the 1st plave winner's owl hookah

Nice. This was hella dope.

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Look Whose Talking

The Shika Team is very excited to participate in the first US based Hookah Expo. This is a great initiative and milestone in the Hookah community history and culture here. The Expo is a significant effort aimed to unite the community in a fun and Carnival-like atmosphere connecting manufacturers with customers and more important customers with customers.

The hookah community core values are based on friendship and brotherhood which is always reflected by these kind of events.

The expo is tailored and designed to entertain and serve the end customer with best deals directly while exchanging ideas in a fun setting and atmosphere.

Participating vendors have big plans for the community as part of this event and the flood of international vendors participating is a clear indication of the potential for this show.

This show will redefine the meaning of Hookah Expo and we promise you that participating vendors are going above and beyond to make this one of the best hookah related experiences for our community. This is our Hookah Woodstock 2017!

Don’t Miss Hookah Expo Worldwide

  • Register Now for this 2-Day Premiere Trade & Consumer Event for all things Hookah!
  • See All Your Favorite Brands on Display
  • Register Now at the Westgate Las Vegas and get the Special Rate of $99/Night, Resort Fee Included
  • Party with All Your Friends at the Opening Night Pool Party & Reception at the Westgate. Food, Drink, Music, Hookah & Fireworks!
  • Register for the Hookah Battle USA Cup