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21 hours ago

Thomas Kim

Cannot wait for this :( first time to LAS VEGAS too! ... See MoreSee Less

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Come and eat pho' with us, don't bother with the $2 shrimp cocktail or cheap margaritas.

where are good places to eat

Chinatown, hot n juicy crawfish, Chinese buffet, Memphis championship barbecue, some Indian buffets, to name a few.

ok cool bro


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3 days ago

Jake Jacobson

... See MoreSee Less

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Roberto you also got 1 vintage from me as gift 🎁

Grats to the winners!!!!

Hey Jake!!! 👋🏻

Can I go live live

I helped orchestrate a venue and social media for the expo and all I got was a guest spot in his live.

Tangiers going out of business

Sarkis truly apologizes to john

How do you organize a space party? You planet.

Blue mist

Why does Jake look like he runs the Yakuza?!?!

Take a few shots than let’s try this again

You ever seen a shirtless southern man? No? You want to?

I ran out of coals so I’m using my moms curling iron!

I’m not even laughing at some this 😳

I don’t see my pic on the wall lol

Are you coming to visit me guys?

Everyone’s a winner...hope your doing well Wael Elhalwani

I can’t say what I wanted to say 😔

John that means youre a bottom.

Not fair he’s from Vegas

I’ll get in trouble

Are we telling dad jokes?

Arya comes out with product

“Glass of wine”

He was close

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2 weeks ago

George Jonson

Gonna have some truly custom pipes at the show. Some available for sale and one give away raffle. Don't miss out on your chance to hang with me, and possibly walk out with a custom Regal Hookah. ... See MoreSee Less

Gonna have some truly custom pipes at the show. Some available for sale and one give away raffle. Dont miss out on your chance to hang with me, and possibly walk out with a custom Regal Hookah.

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Wouldn't miss it for the world. Need me a Regal in my life.

Wow! Regal taking over 2018!

I love shopping for wood. The prices always hurt my soul lol. There's an amazing exotic hard wood store in Carlsbad if you're nearby you should try.

Me love you long time, George Jonson! ❤️

Aloha George! I met you at Hookah Expo last year. I wanted to see if I could still get a Regal rug/mat from you. Please let me know if you possible. Looking forward to seeing you guys again this year🤙🏾

I need it An to see u again! Lol

We rollin dices again or should we do wheel the regal?

Can the desert ironwood be sold to me? Since I live in the desert in a town with a lot of things named after ironwood....


I did a Sonoran Iron Wood last week that came out lighter than I expected. So round 2


What George Jonson is not telling you....its not a raffle giveaway....its a battle royal.....last man(or woman) standing takes the hookah.....just so everyone knows i will be fighting in this battle royal and my fat ass will nekked.. so if you really want to win that hookah you know what you will be up against....

Carlos Isaac Matos

Been thinking about a new regal now I know when I'll might buy it

now we talking 😍 I would love to see regal getting in the game again with some next level shit ❤

Can you raffle yourself away? I just want to steal you to go eat pho.

Sally, when you get here, I have one of the best places to eat pho, and dirt cheap as well as delicious.

Planning to do a wood-with-epoxy style regal by any chance?

Stablized blanks hard to get in a larger size. If I were to do my own resin inside of a porous or chunks of wood that would be cool but I think everyone's doing it and I don't feel like doing what everybody else is doing


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3 days ago

John Naddour

Big News from Starbuzz coming soon to all that purchased tickets to Hookah Expo Worldwide!!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Free starbuzz hookahs for everyone!

Oooo Sabina 🤨

I’m just waiting to get paid to buy my tickets! This is why Starbuzz is among the best though. 🙂

Thank you Wael Elhalwani for your continued generosity to Hookah Expo Worldwide and the hookah community!

I cant wait for the news

Ohhhh literally just bought my ticket, stoked!!

Im waiting to get paid to so i can purchase mine

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